Mid-Atlantic USATF Grand Prix & Off-Road Race Series

We welcome any club member who would like to be part or our USATF team!

PCVRC competes against other club teams in USATF Mid-Atlantic Grand Prix and Off-Road Race Series each year. You don’t have to be fast to play a role and enjoy participating in events that you may not have entered on you own. Carpool with us, root for each other and celebrate with friends!

Join Our Team!

Radnor USATF Team

We strongly encourage all club members to consider joining in one or both of the USTAF race series. Carpooling to the events creates a nice social atmosphere and often includes post-race dining and refreshments. We don’t need you to commit to the entire race series or be one of the fastest in your respective age group to participate. The races are well organized and offer a variety of lengths and locations. Please consider joining the USATF and coming out with the PCVRC team for new adventures in these races.

Note: All club members who hold active USATF membership and complete a minimum of 4 MA-USATF races are eligible to receive complimentary PCVRC club dues the following year.*

*Club membership fee reimbursement for completing 4 races in the MA-USTAF race series requires an active USATF membership at the time of the race. The intent of the reimbursement is to encourage members to be eligible to participate in the club team score for the series. USATF membership supports running programs throughout the region and country.

How to join team

  1. Pay annual dues for PCVRC and USATF.
  2. Affiliate PCVRC as my USATF club (#0025) each year.
  3. Encouraged other runners to join the club, or ask a PCVRC member to participate in one or more USATF races.

Join USATF ($30/year)

Masters USATF team

Participation is key! Fast or slow, 100% ready to race or not, we need to field a complete squad at each event. Racing as a workout, or 75% effort, is infinitely better than 4 runners giving it their all without a 5th to complete the team. Besides bragging rights with the 7 other clubs, there’s the financial incentive: a 2nd on the the Road & 3rd on the Trails will pay $900 prize money this year – this goes towards team-members club dues for following year!

We look forward to seeing you on the roads & trails!

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