Wick Vible – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1989

“A world Record Holder” Yes Wilson (Wick) Vible is the only Delaware resident to ever to hold a world record! In July of 1974 Wick set a world record for age 56 in the mile with a time of 5:08.5. His record stood for 10 tears. One week later he ran a 11:25.6 for two miles to set a National record that stood for two years/ Wick currently holds five state records including his 3:02.11 marathon that he ran in 1978 at the age of sixty.

Wick started running in 1969 after reading Kenneth Cooper’s book entitled Aerobics. He ran his first race. The mile, four months later in a time of 8:18. He continued to run and also inspired others to start running long before it became “fashionable”. Foremost among these converts is Wick’s old race buddy, Doug White.

Since 1970 he has averaged 40 miles per week, running six days with a long run on Sunday. Wick also does some stretching and exercising daily.

Wick’s only goal is to “keep on running” but that will be difficult with his leg in a cast. On January 12th of this year, Wick stepped in a hole on his morning run (in the dark) and broke his fibula. But don’t worry, Wick has the support of Emma, his wife of 42 years and at the age of 71 he’ll be back on the roads again.