Kimberly Kogon – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1990

Kim has been a pioneer in many ways for women runners in Delaware. As most of you know she has been the most prolific runner in the state of Delaware from 1975 to 1986 or so.

Kim started her career at Dickinson High School and emerged as the top 3000 meter runner in her senior year. She ran cross country and track before there was even a women’s team! At the University of Delaware she was captain of the cross country team and co-captain of the track team. She was E.C.C Champ in the 5Kand 10K., academic All American to student athlete and member of the National Honor Society. Her senior year she qualified for the Nationals in cross country and ran with the best in the Nation. She competed in the Penn Relays and set a PR of 35:12 in the 10K.

On the road racing scene in Delaware she really blossomed. Kim has raced and won every major race in Delaware and set many course records in the process – some major victories include: Caesar Rodney, The Old PCVRC Classic, Buffalo Stampede, St. Anthony’s, and Run for Bruce. Would you believe that Kim has over 175 trophies, medals, plaques etc to show for her success.

Currently Kim holds every age group record for 19 – 24. Most of these times will never be broken. And she still holds the 10K and half marathon times for the state!

Kim has also overcome numerous injuries over the years only to come back and perform better than ever. Injuries which include hip bursitis, metatarsal fractures, torn plantar fascia, and numerous back injuries. Time after time Kim would bounce back from these injuries and you often see her encouraging and supporting others during their injuries.

Although not as active in the club the last few years, many of you know Kim from when the years that she maintained a high profile in the club. Kim always wore club colors and always had a word of praise – encouragement to fellow Pickers crossing the finish line well after she had finished. She volunteered at many of the races and has been a guest speaker at past meetings. Kim was also editor of the “Pacer” for two years. She has been on the PCVRC Board and is one of the few Pickers to be Runner of the Month twice.

Kim, as in the past, continues to be an inspiration to new comers to the sport. The club recently received a letter of praise for Kim’s efforts, “She has truly changed my life and taught me discipline, motivation, and most of all to believe in myself and my abilities” so states the letter. Kim is a dedicated, long term runner who has stood the test of time and rightly so deserves the recognition as an inductee into the PCVRC Hall of Fame.