John Drozd – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1995

John Drozd has been a member of the Pike Creek Valley Running club since the club began. Most of us recognize John’s running style as a continual survival shuffle, but don’t tell John that his style is anything less than a run. John has always considered himself a runner. So a runner he is.

Since the beginning of races, he has always be an advocate of the back of the packers. This is where running has its’ longevity. “A race would be nothing if it only had front runners,” John can be heard saying during many of his conversations about a “good” race or even a not so good event. John continually encourages many of his fellow runners to continue their running.

Recently he has been plagued with injuries coupled with a major job relocation, but he continues his regular exercise. John has added bicycling to his routine. He rides many of the informal races on the return trip of the PCVRC bike rides to Chesapeake City. The back of the packers always enjoyed-hearing John’s point of view when they returned to pack their bikes in their cars. Recently john has added swimming at the Y to fitness regimen. His wife Bernadette says he is dedicated to his cross training routine.

John was treasurer of the club for five years and then felt he couldn’t dedicate the time necessary to the club because his new job required considerable traveling. John can always be found wearing his PCVRC uniform at races and athletic events.

One landmark event that many Pikers are probably not aware of is that john has attended every PCVRC banquet that has been held. We would like to immortalize John Drozd as or latest Hall of Fame member.

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