Doris Bixler – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1997

Usually when you get into a Hall of Fame, you must have retired (Baseball) or won a lot of tournaments (golf) or be very old. Doris made the Hall of Fame because she is always there. Doris is always helping out by volunteering whenever possible, by being on the Board for five years, by being co-director of Delaware Distance Classic, by helping her husband put on a couple of races a year, by throwing a summer party for the club at her house, by keeping her running for 15 years and by her smile that is always welcome at any running event.

Doris’ running accomplishments include completing 2 marathons, 19 half marathons including 7 CR’s well over 200 races and running over 17,000 miles in her career. Doris has a favorite saying. “I need MO miles” and she gets them even if her husband advises her to be careful. Doris has kept her times relatively constant over the past few years.

Running needs more people like Doris. She runs fore the camaraderie and for the fun of it. She gives to running as much as she takes form it. What she does take from running is a cleansing of the soul. She is even a better person as a result of the sport.

Doris is a new inductee of the PCVRC Hall of Fame. She has been in the author’s Hall of Fame for 25 years.