Deborah Compton – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1987

It seems fitting that Deborah is the first female inducted into the PCVRC Hall of Fame, for no one has equaled her contributions to women’s running in Delaware. When she began running seven years ago, Deborah was somewhat of a “pioneer”. Since then other women, many inspired by Deborah, have taken to the roads, but not as many have surpassed her achievements. Although she occasionally suffers defeat in individual races, no one has remained so consistently at the top of her age class as Deborah. She has dominated the Championship Series since its beginning, holds club and state records, and has six marathons to her credit.

Aside from her running achievements, Deborah has been a strong supporter of the club since the day she joined. Not only has she faithfully attended meetings and other social functions, and consistently raced in the club colors, she has served on the Executive Board for years. She was Membership Chairman her first few years, then became an appointed board member in 1986. She also serves as a liaison between the newsletter editor, typist, and printer. Finally, Deborah supports fellow Pikers on an individual basis. She always has an encouraging word, and is always willing to offer advice on training and racing.

For her running achievements, support of the club, and promotion of women’s running in Delaware, Deborah is the 1987 inductee into the PCVRC’s Hall of Fame.

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