Chip Bixler – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1996

Our inductee into the Hall of Fame, Chip Bixler, is know to most Pikers either through his appearances at races or his ?Words of Wisdom? on the President?s Letter in the PACER.

Chip started running in 1977 and has run over 25,000 miles so far and we?re sure he?ll continue more. He started racing in the spring of 1982 at the 10K Run for Cancer in Cecil County. In the fall of that year there was another 10K and 20K in Cecil County. Chip ran the 10K and watched in amazement those who completed the 20K. Since then he has ran in 14 marathons with a PR of 3:05:09 at Boston. He?ll be joining the other 36,000 participants for the 6th time at the 100th Boston in April. Chips main running accomplishment is his consistency. His times in the 10K distance haven?t varied more than a minute in 10 years. The Club honored him with a running achievement in 1992. Chip enjoys the opportunity to attend many first class races on the East Coast and proudly wears the green and yellow of PCVRC.

Chip joined PCVRC in 1989 and has been on the board of directors from 1992 to the present. Little did he know when the Chairman of the Board asked him and his lovely wife if the would be willing to serve on the Board, how much time and interest he?d devote to the Club. After fulfilling the fun filled job of mailing the PACER in 1992 he went on to tackle the job as president from 1993-1996. He?s the only person to wisely or unwisely serve three consecutive terms – unlike Rudy who served three terms but couldn?t handle it back to back. Continuing the Club during these lean times has been a challenge for Chip and we appreciate all he?s done to keep PCVRC going. Without the support of all the friends he?s made through running it would have been a more difficult job. Chip is proud of getting Governor Carper to speak at one of the Club?s meetings. He has enjoyed hosting the Club Picnic at his home for the past few years.

As he completes his term as President. Chip is looking forward to the challenge of being Race Director for the Delaware Distance Classic. Again he will be soliciting the support of the membership. He has been the Race Director for the Glasgow Dragon 5K for four years.

Running has done a lot for Chip, but he has done a lot for running and we thank him and welcome him into the Hall of Fame. We wish him continued success and happiness in running and congratulations in joining a special group of men and women in the PCVRC Hall of Fame

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