Becky Yencharis – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  1995

Our inductee into the Hall of Fame, Becky Yencharis is a familiar figure on the running scene. She has been running competitively since 1982.

Her first road race was St. Anthony’s 10K. since that race, Becky has been running on the weekends and during the week.

One of the most amazing things about Becky has been her ability to remain injury free for long periods of time. A knee injury a couple of years ago forced Becky to take a brief hiatus from running.

In March Becky completed both the Caesar Rodney Half marathon and later the Amish Country Half Marathon in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In May, Becky enjoyed a leisurely vacation to Disney World with fellow runners, Joyce Casey and Judy Springer. Later that month, Becky opened up her swimming pool where she cross trains and swims sometimes as much as three times per day in the summer months.

In August, Becky participated in the Philadelphia Masters Outdoor Games at Swarthmore College. There she competed in the 100, 200, 400, and 800 meter dash and naturally placed first in all four events in her age category. Becky has participated in almost all of the Bottle and Cork ten Mile races and 1994 was no exception where she finished the 10 miler in a finishing time of 2:02 and won first place in her age group.

Some highlights of Becky’s racing accomplishments in the Fall include her participation at the Delaware Senior Olympics. Becky competed in two swimming backstroke events and two freestyle events. If that was not enough to push anyone to the brink of exhaustion, she also participated in three events in the long jump and did quite in each event. Later that month, Becky participated in the Vertical Challenge Biathalon which includes a 5K run and a climb up 23 flights of steps totaling 523 steps.

As of November 1994, Becky had completed thirty-two 5K races, six 5 mile races, six 10K races, four 10 milers, one 15K two 20K’s and four half marathons.

Becky’s year was topped off with a very courageous effort at the Delaware Marathon in December where Becky completed the race despite horrendous weather conditions and having to walk the last five miles.

Best wishes for continued health and success in all of your running endeavors.

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