2015 Club Award Winners

The following club members were recognized for their achievements:

Carole Feole – 2015 Runner of the Year (Female)

Few Pike Creek Valley Running Club runners can claim more consistent racing stats than Carole Feole. Her intense desire to excel and perform at her best has kept her among the top PCVRC scorers in many of the Grand Prix series races and some of the off-road series races as well for years. While she has been racing for PCVRC for at least the last eight years, this past year she once again age-grade scored in the high seventies or low eighties in seven of the road races.

In 2015 Carole competed in 8 USATF road race events covering an array of distances including the 5K, 8K, 15K, 10 miles and half marathon. Her contributions include age-graded scores above the 80% mark in the Broad Street 10 mile run and the Delaware Distance Classic 15K. (Age grades or performance percentages are calculated against the current world standard for your current age and gender. Marks above 80% are considered nationally competitive.) And, amazingly, her scores are going up!

Carole scored second woman overall at the Somers Point 5K and third woman overall at the Bend 7.8 trail race. She also was sixth in age at Broad Street this year, ran a personal best at the Boston marathon and was third in age at our own DDC USATF race.

As a result, Carole was recognized by the Mid Atlantic USATF for being one of the top female age grade scorers for the 2015 Grand Prix (road race) series, finishing fifth overall. She was also the highest age-graded female for PCVRC in 2014 (winning an age group award), and she currently holds the state age group record for the half marathon, which was set at the 2014 Caesar Rodney race. Even her employer (Carole is an account executive at DuPont) provided this in her bio: “As an avid runner for over 30 years, she runs for a local club competing in the USATF Mid-Atlantic running series and many races throughout the country, including completing 8 marathons.”

Even though Carole likes to run different distances and in new places, she continues to run the series for PCVRC. When she learned early in the year last year that she had a top 10 MA-USATF opportunity, she committed (again) to run as many in the road series as she could. We can see from Carole’s accomplishments that she did just that!

Carole downplays her excellent performance, but she does say, “I have never done a race I was sorry I did. Working at DuPont, I end up training in all kinds of cities, sometimes not the best workouts, but I have no choice. This year Boston will be my 10th marathon, [although] not a favorite distance of mine.”

PCVRC’s “Runner of the Year” awards are to be given to a person “we admire for their outstanding running and athletic abilities.” Carole has long been someone that we can count on to step up to run for the club – hills, ice and snow are no barriers. “Runner of the year is also an outstanding athlete (running first but not necessarily just running), a prolific competitor, running for PCVRC in the USATF, and/or encouraging or being an example for others, especially their ‘body of work’ (years of racing).”

This definitely describes Carole and is why she deserves to be “Pike Creek Valley Running Club Female Runner of the Year.”

Greg Cauller – 2015 Runner of the Year (Male)

Although Greg lives in York, he has been a familiar face to Delaware runners for years. He has been running, and racing, since his sophomore year at Hempfield High School. While in high school he was 1976 District 3 AAA cross country champion and helped his team to place second in the PIAA state meet that fall. After high school he continued his stellar career at Millersville University, competing on the team that won the 1981 NCAA Division 2 national title in cross country. In 1982, he set the still-standing school record in the 3000 meter steeplechase (8:59.62).

Greg has always been a frequent racer. In fact, if you put his name into Athlinks.com, it will tell you: “You either know how to travel, or these are not all yours.” All of those results are his. Greg will nearly always be found at a starting line at least once a weekend, if not more. Not only does he race frequently, he turns in top-notch performances.

Since joining Pike Creek Valley Running Club in 2011, Greg has been a consistent top performer for the club in the USATF Grand Prix. In the road series he consistently age grades at least 80%, a score considered to be national class. Greg is equally at home racing on the trails. This year he participated in a mind-boggling 11 races for the Grand Prix and off-road series. If the club needs someone to race, he will always step up.

As much as Greg loves to race, he steps up even more when there is a team involved. He has had the privilege of competing on great teams through his entire career. In recent years he treasures running with his good friends on the 50-59 cross country team at national events in Flemington, NJ and Bethlehem, PA. Congratulations, Greg, our “Pike Creek Valley Running Club Male Runner of the Year.”

Emily Zaitz – 2015 Rookie of the Year

Emily isn’t new to running, but she has embraced the sport wholly since relocating to Delaware and joining PCVRC last year. Starting with 5Ks and training runs at Glasgow Park, she quickly graduated to marathons and ultramarathons.
Over the last year+, Emily’s race calendar included:

  • Bird-in-Hand Half Marathon (2:05:29)
  • Saints and Sinners Half Marathon (2:10:17)
  • Blues Cruise 50K (6:59:20)
  • Chicago Marathon (4:17)
  • Chester River Challenge (2:02)
  • KISS 5K (25:55), 1st in AG
  • JFK 50-miler (11:10)
  • Rehoboth Half Marathon (2:06:28)
  • Phunt 25K Trail Run (3:19:16)

She also raced in countless other 5Ks, wearing her signature Team Red, White and Blue singlet!

Studying to be a family nurse practitioner, Emily works long hours, but that doesn’t stop her from training. She runs at night, in the morning, in the afternoon and with any group, anywhere.

Her dedication to and true love of running makes her a shoe-in (see what I did there?) for PCVRC’s “Rookie of the Year.” Congratulations, Emily.

Stacey Schiller – 2015 Member of the Year

Stacey Haddock Schiller assumed responsibility for the overall leadership of the Pike Creek Valley Running Club in 2015 after Claire Neilan relocated to California. Not only did Stacey continue the momentum that Claire had started, to grow and diversify our club, but she has worked tirelessly with the club’s leadership to positively impact the running community through our signature programs (Couch to 5K, DDC and the USATF racing team). Stacey also gives the social and other committee activities the support and attention they need to succeed.

Personally, Stacey competed in her first Half Ironman, the Diamondman Challenge, in 2015, completing it in 6:28:10, which earned her second place in their Athena Division. Other 2015 highlights included the Escape from Cape May Olympic Triathlon, accompanied by her favorite Sherpa, Darlise; the Top of Delaware Sprint Triathlon; and a PR at both the MS Thanksgiving Day 10K and the Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon in December. Stacey also honed her public speaking skills by taking the microphone and doing the finish line announcing for the Delaware Marathon, the Delaware Half Marathon and the Icicle Ten Miler. We love hearing her voice and feeling her energy as we run toward the finish line!

Professionally, Stacey is the owner of Stacey Ink, LLC, a marketing and communications firm. She is married to PCVRC Hall of Fame member, Joel Schiller and credits him and the club for encouraging her in both running and triathlons.

Stacey’s commitment to her training – Ironman Maryland 2016! – and cheering on club members is admirable and inspiring. She’s been an excellent club president, a fabulous race announcer and she truly cares about each member’s accomplishments. In short, she is awesome at everything and leaves us often thinking “How does she do it all?!”

Kim Riccio – 2015 Volunteer of the Year

The better half of PCVRC’s beloved Jerry Herman, Kim O’Dea-Grant Riccio is a true Renaissance woman. A photographer, gardener, blogger, vegan chef, runner…Kim does it all. And she graciously volunteers her talents for PCVRC, taking pictures, designing certificates and being an all-around Jill-on-the-spot!

Kim instinctively knows where the gaps are and how to fill them. Whether it’s the annual picnic, the holiday party or a race, Kim is there with her camera and helping hands, always willing to pitch in and never asking for credit. It may be due to her
military background or perhaps her gracious Irish spirit, but Kim is a gift to this club, and all of us who benefit from her talents.

And for this, Kim is PCVRC’s “Volunteer of the Year.” Thank you for your commitment to our club.

2015 Member Recognition

Jackie Blatchford
Jackie has been running with the C25K group since 2014 and went big in 2015! She participated in both spring and summer sessions, then went on to run the DDC 15K, Caffe Gelato 10 miler and Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon. Jackie also plans to help organize and coach the C25K group.

Mike Brown
A member of the USATF racing team, Mike has run 20 marathons, including Boston, and BQ’d again in December at Rehoboth in 3:35. But last fall, Mike took on a new challenge, completing his first Ironman at the weather-plagued IMMD, finishing in 12:29.

Chuck Crabbe
Chuck Crabb’s outstanding achievement recognition is for his 1st place finish in the Mid-Atlantic USATF running series. As a former champion marathon and ultrarunner, Chuck has been running fast and long for many years, and he’s no stranger to running recognition – including at the national level! Chuck ran five races for PCVRC with an average age grade score of 88.68 – a full five points above the next closest competitor. He scored over 90 at the Adrenaline 5K. We’re looking forward to having him back to race again for PCVRC next year!

Diana Daily
Diana started with the C25K group last April. Since then she has run several 5Ks, including St Anthony’s 5K and Inclusion Means Everyone 5K. She then challenged herself to Run The Vines 8K, DDC 15K and Rehoboth Beach Half Marathon – all within eight months of her first group run with Pike Creek Valley Running Club!

Dani VanVelsor DiGennaro
A talented USATF racer, Dani took first at the Inclusion 5K in 20:24; an AG win at the Independence School 5K in 21:21; and led the first leg of the winning relay team at the Delaware Marathon in 2:38:20.

Mike DiGennaro
A top USATF racer, Mike took 2nd at the Main Street Mile 4:22, with overall wins at the Turkey Trot 5K 14:39; Inclusion 5K 15:20; Independence School 5K 15:58; and anchored the winning relay team at the Delaware Marathon in 2:38:20.

Darlise DiMatteo
Darlise’s enthusiastic support for and leadership of PCVRC’s C25K program warrants an outstanding achievement recognition. She motivates every participant to do his/her best and helps others set and meet their personal goals. The C25K program has increased PCVRC memberships and created new friendships among its members.

DJ Farren
DJ Farren, the son of longtime club member and former DDC race director Dave Farren, picked up a dozen or so AG awards in the Under 14 category in 2015, including a 19:38 at the Great Pumpkin 5K; a 35:44 at the Masser 5 Mile; and a 40:17 at the Turkey Trot 10K. We can’t help but notice that DJ now regularly outpaces his dad in these events, and we look forward to see how he does in the years ahead!

Mark Hannagan
Mark was another speedy member of the winning relay at the Delaware Marathon in 2:38:20. In addition, this USATF racer put up a 16:48 at the Home of the Brave 5K; 16:48 at the Phillies Charities 5K; 17:06 at the Green & White 5K; and a 38:13 at the Trail Triple Crown 10K.

Brenda Hodge
Brenda’s outstanding achievement recognition is for her first place women’s finish in the Mid-Atlantic USATF running series. Brenda had been a USATF racer in the past but never for a team a serious as Pike Creek. When she joined our team this year, she was seriously “upping her game,” running six races for PCVRC with an average age-grade score of 81.22. Brenda is a relentless competitor, grabbing a 2:58 time at Grandma’s Marathon in June of last year and a 2:56:22 at the Houston marathon last month. She’s looking to get another PR at Boston this year and who knows after that?

Stacey Schiller
Stacey completed her first half Ironman, Diamondman, with a 6:28:10, taking second place in the Athena division.

Adam Schilling
After a devastating bicycle accident left him lying on the side of the road with a broken hip, Adam was our Comeback Runner of the Year in 2013 and continued his resurgence in 2015 with a 1:09:45 at the Icicle 10-Miler. Oh, and did we mention he completed both Ironman Lake Placid (in a PCVRC singlet, no less!) and the Beach 2 Battleship 140.6. Ironman, indeed!

Amy Temple
After receiving Most Improved Runner in 2014, Amy Temple continued her run of participating in some unique races in 2015. Her year began with a 3:59 at the Walt Disney World Half Marathon and a 3:49 at the Delaware Half Marathon; a 2:39 at Caffe Gelato 10M; and a 35:07 at the Athleta Espirit de She. Amy also continues to help manage the club’s C25K program, which will resume this April with Monday night runs at the Newark Reservoir.

Christina Xia
PCVRC’s new membership coordinator Christina has worked steadily to improve her running, and her times reflect it! She PR’d with a 23:24 at the Donor Dash 5K and completed two marathons: her first at Delaware in a 4:57 and her second at Philly, dropping thirty minutes off her previous time to run a 4:26:10.

Lori Culnane
The club has honored several of Lori’s running feats in previous years, but her accomplishment in 2015 deserves a special recognition. She took third in her AG at her 1st 100-miler, finishing under the 24-hour cutoff and again earning her “Loco” nickname!

Andy Weaver – Guest Speaker

Weaver qualifies for U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials
Kevin Tresolini, The News Journal, January 5, 2016
The ex-Wilmington Charter and University of Delaware runner ran a 1:04:27 at the Jacksonville (Fla.) Half-Marathon to earn a spot in the Feb. 13 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles.

Andy Weaver had to run faster than ever before over the 13.1-mile distance. He was, after all, chasing a dream.
When he crossed the finish line Sunday morning in 1 hour, 4 minutes and 27 seconds in the Jacksonville Half-Marathon in Florida, he’d caught it. The former Charter School of Wilmington and University of Delaware runner had qualified for the Feb. 13 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles. USA Track & Field allows runners to qualify through the half-marathon, simply because it’s far less taxing and can be raced more often. Runners need a 1:05:00 in the halfmarathon, or a 2:19 marathon, to get in the Olympic Marathon Trials.

“I didn’t want to assume that I would make it going in, but it’s definitely pretty cool,” said Weaver, 25, now a civil engineer at Faddis Concrete Products in Baltimore.
“It’s more of an honor than anything to line up at the trials with some of these guys. Some have been among the best in the country for as long as I’ve even been in the sport. Obviously, I have no aspirations of finishing in the top three or five or
10, but it’ll definitely be a cool experience to go and say ‘I did it.’ ”

Weaver has run just one marathon before, clocking a 2:22:50 in Chicago in 2014. The top three trials finishers, who’ll make the U.S. team for the Summer Games Aug. 5-21 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, will likely break 2:10:00. Weaver would be thrilled to challenge that Chicago time.

“I didn’t really know what to expect,” he said of his first marathon. “Until you run the full distance hard as a race, you can’t really replicate it in training, so I was happy with that. I didn’t fall apart at any time in the race.’’

Competing in the trials will be the culmination of considerable hard work and ambition for Weaver, who regularly logged 90- to 100-mile weeks during the summer and fall in preparation for the Rock n’ Roll Philadelphia Half-Marathon Oct. 31. He’d run a personal-best 1:05:41 there in 2013, but fell short of that with a 1:05:59 this time.

“I was a little disappointed with how I ran in Philly because I had run well there before and I thought I would at least PR there,” Weaver said, “so I was not really sure where it would work out.”

Weaver continued training and considered running in a Houston half-marathon before learning about the race in Jacksonville, where he’d benefit from a flat course and favorable weather. The cool and overcast conditions turned out to be ideal and Weaver’s 1:04:27 put him in 10th place.

“When you get that close you want to get it and I’m just glad he got it,” said Jim Fischer, who’d been Weaver’s coach at Delaware. Weaver is the second former Blue Hen distance runner under Fischer to qualify for the Olympic Trials, joining
Mike DiGennaro, who competed in the 3,000-meter steeplechase in 2004. DiGennaro now teaches and coaches at St. Mark’s High.
At Wilmington Charter, Weaver was Division I state cross country champion as a senior and a two-time Division I 3,200-meter champion in outdoor track. As a Blue Hens junior in 2010, Weaver placed 24th in the NCAA cross country East Regionals. Two months later, UD announced it was eliminating its men’s cross country and track and field programs because of economic and Title IX gender equity concerns.

Weaver then won the national club cross country title as a UD senior in 2011. He used his final season of eligibility in 2012 while earning a master’s degree at Oklahoma, helping the Sooners tie eventual national champ Oklahoma State for an NCAA Regional cross country title and placing eighth as a team in the NCAA meet.

Since then, Weaver has continued to improve as a runner while demonstrating his versatility. His 14:35 in the 5K (3.1 miles) and half-marathon times are the fastest ever by a Delaware resident in any age division in road races. The state-resident marathon record remains the 2:20:07 turned in by Dan Rincon at Baltimore in 1975.

Fischer remembers, still in awe, when Weaver ran the final 800 meters in 1:58 in a 5,000-meter race at a Colonial Athletic Association championship meet. “It’s just incredible what he’s done,” Fischer, now coaching at Ursuline Academy, said of Weaver. “Even when he was in college, he would put in 100-mile weeks. He really went after it and stuck with it and that’s what it takes. I’m not sure people understand the type of discipline and dedication it takes to get where he’s gotten, and he’s working full-time as an engineer. He had a great foundation running for Rick Schuder at Charter.”

Weaver’s Jacksonville time even eclipsed the hallowed 1:04:54 Delaware native Craig Holm, then living in Rochester, New York, ran in 1982 to win Wilmington’s Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon over its extremely hilly, demanding course. Holm ran a 2:20:47 in the 1984 Olympic Marathon Trials and had a 1:03:06 PR in the half-marathon.

Living in Baltimore, Weaver has latched on with a group of other high-level runners, which has aided his training, he said. He’ll increase his mileage with more long runs, he said, in the weeks leading to the Trials. Patterson Park near his residence is one of several areas providing good training ground. He hopes the weather cooperates.

While qualifying for the Trials could, in retrospect, be a “watershed moment,” for him, Weaver said, with that race and others still ahead, he’ll continue to strive for more breakthroughs.

“The mentality to keep pushing is what got us here in the first place,” he said of his approach, “so just keep going to the next race.”

Kevin Tresolini – Guest Speaker

Veteran sports reporter Kevin Tresolini is a native of Bethlehem, PA. After graduating from the University of Delaware in 1980, Kevin was hired at The News Journal in 1981 and is now in his 36th year on a sports staff that is less than one-third the size it was then.

Kevin was The News Journal’s primary high school sports reporter from 1986 through the spring of 1999 and has covered UD men’s basketball since the 1993-94 season – a span that includes three NCAA Tournaments, but lots of losing seasons – and UD football since 1999, making Blue Hens sports his primary responsibility, especially from August through March.

In addition to local sports, Kevin has also covered the Phillies, Blue Rocks and Eagles with an angle for local stories to tell. He was honored to be a 2014 inductee into the Delaware Baseball Hall of Fame and very proud to be part of the Gannett/USA Today staff at five Olympics – three Summer Games and two Winter Games. He’ll make it six this summer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

A constant during most of that span, Kevin has been The News Journal’s primary reporter of distance running – something Kevin himself enjoyed doing in his down time. He’s reported on more than 13.1 Caesar Rodney Half Marathons, but not quite 26.2 Boston Marathons; two events that have been among his favorites. A career highlight was seeing Delaware standout Vicki Huber qualify for her first Olympics at the 1988 trials in Indianapolis!

Kevin and his wife Fiona celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in 2015 and are the proud parents of 21-year-old twins: Tara, a UD English major graduating this spring, and Dustin, who recently left a position as a store manager for Pacific Sunwear and is seeking his next opportunity.

Please welcome Kevin Tresolini, a local treasure and trusted source for all things sports.

Emily Zaitz & Stacey Schiller

Emily Zaitz & Stacey Schiller (3/5/16)