2/18/19: Meeting/Social, USATF Season, Renew

Our 2019 Annual Meeting is scheduled for March12 at 6 PM at Klondike Kate’s on Main Street in Newark.  This is where we give out our annual awards and vote on the 2019 officers and board members. If you are planning to attend, please RSVP to  (or text 302-545-7047 with name of attendees).

At our annual meeting, we give out these awards:

Runner of the Year – these are people we admire for their outstanding running/athletic abilities.

Member of the Year – these are people we admire for their contributions to PCVRC & running.

Rookie of the Year – this is the new person on the running scene (any age).

Volunteer of the Year – this is the person who we can count on to “be there.”

We also recognize multiple members for “Outstanding Achievements”.

Surely you know someone in our club who deserves one of these awards?  Send your nominations to  now!

Our Spring Social/Boston Sendoff is scheduled for April 10th.  Mark your calendars! 


The mid-Atlantic Grand Prix road series returns this Saturday February 23rd with the Frostbite 5 miler in Amber, PA on February 23rd.  If you are planning to run, let us know so you can join us for any post-race get-together.

This year’s race schedule is unchanged from 2018. The race schedule is located here – http://mausatf.com/grandprix-events/

2019 marks the return of the USATF Club National XC Championship races to the Lehigh University campus on the first weekend in December. Clubs from all over the country compete as teams running cross country courses with distances of 6k for women, and 10k for men. In 2014 the club chartered a coach bus to take over 60 club members to this event.  We are  hoping that we can bring another large group of runners to this famous XC venue and have a great day of running and socializing! 


Yes, we are starting already.  Mark your calendars for October 13th.  If you have any interest in serving on the race committee let Dirk or Dan Suher () know.    


Our weekly running meet-ups continue: Thursdays at 6PM at Delcastle Recreation; and Sundays 8AM at Panera on Main Street Newark.  We get routine requests from potential club members and out-of-state runners if we are still having these, the answer is “YES.”

Time to Renew for 2019!

Membership can be renewed by sending a $25 check to PCVRC, PO Box PO Box 3259,  Wilmington, DE 19804 or online at https://pcvrc.com/join-our-running-club/

Membership is only $25 and is good for your entire family. As a 501c(3), PCVRC membership is also tax deductible. Also, any member who races for PCVRC in 4 or more USATF races within a calendar year, and remains a member of USATF, will receive a complimentary PCVRC membership for the following calendar year. We will notify members in January if they are eligible for a free PCVRC membership.

New members who join on or after June 1 but before October 1 pay a reduced rate of $15 to cover their membership for the remainder of the current calendar year. All members who join or renew before October 1 are subject to our standard renewal policy. Anyone who joins on or after October 1st pays $25 that includes the remainder of the current calendar year plus the following calendar year. Membership Renewals are due by March 31.  

Current and all past News Bulletins are online: https://pcvrc.com/pcvrc-news-bulletins-2/

 2018 PCVRC Board  


            Dirk Sweigart, President

            Wes Stafford, VP

            Adam Shilling, Secretary

            Andrea Riley, Treasurer

Other Voting Members:   

            Tom Steenkamer – USATF

            Dan Suher – DDC Race Co-Director

            Christina Xia – Membership 

            Ray Christensen – Emeritus   

            Grace Carr – Communications/Marketing

            Sheri Sweigart – Social  

            Jerry Herman – At Large