Rose Marie Cilia – PCVRC Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame induction:  2002

Rose Marie Cilia our 26th inductee into the Hall of Fame, started running at the age of 40 and has been a member of PCVRC since 1983. Professionally she had had been a bookkeeper with Ferschke Beauty Supplies for 18 years retiring in 1995. She started running with much encouragement from her late brother and has been a fixture on the race circuit for many years. Rose Marie has been recognized over the years for her running accomplishments at prior Award banquets. In 1984 she was voted Female Master Runner by the club. She was awarded the Female Golden Master Running Award in 1986 and again in 1989. In 1995 Rose Marie was presented an outstanding Running Achievement Award. She was also chosen as Runner of the Month –October ‘83

Her personal records include 1:53:03 in the Caesar Rodney Half-marathon in 1984 where she placed in her age group. In 1989 she placed second in her age group in the Broad Street Ten-Mile Run in a time of 1:25:44. In December of 1989 she ran her first and only marathon in Honolulu in 4 hours 48 minutes. She wanted to go to Hawaii and run the Honolulu Marathon since Owen Owen and Preston Perry were running it. Her favorite race has been the Caesar Rodney Half-Marathon; while she feels her best performance ever was at the Brian’s run 10K in 1983 where she ran a time of 49:48.

She has been described with having a “warm smile, and a friendly hello.” She is a true club supporter and a dedicated runner who faithfully wears the club colors and is a usual attendee at our awards banquet. She had also always attended club meetings when they were held monthly. She is consistent and sensible about her running and faithfully adheres to that old saying “listen to your body.”

Last year was a difficult one for Rose Marie as she lost her husband of 44 years, Sebastian, who succumbed to a heart attack while they were vacationing in England with Owen and Peg Owen last April. This trying ordeal did bring out many runners from the club and the running community who showed their support in her difficult time. She has persevered and continues to run about 15-20 miles per week while also babysitting her grandson a few hours each day. She also attends classes at the Academy of Life Long learning sponsored by the University of Delaware. This keeps her busy and her mind sharp. She has developed some great friendship in the club over the years and many current and past members have served as a great support network for her.

Like many prior inductees Rose Marie is a dedicated and long term runner while also being an integral part of the PCVRC family. She rightly deserves our recognition as an inductee into the PCVRC Hall of Fame,