Locations: Newark DE Running

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By far the most popular among PCVRC runners, Creek Road, which is the extension of North College Avenue, leading north from Newark and extending into White Clay Creek State Park. You can catch a long run Sunday mornings starting at the Newark Bagels & Deli on Main Street near the Happy Harry’s drugstore.

This is our long run location and most people doing this run go a minimum of eight miles, which consists of about three miles of running on Main Street sidewalks, North College Avenue and Creek Road until Creek Road becomes gravel / dirt form another mile up to the rest facilities in the State Park and then return.

A number of the Bagel runners will extend their runs onto the White Clay Creek State Park trails, particularly if they are training for longer races. Other runners prefer to do most of their long runs entirely on the trails and will start in the park or in White Clay Preserve, which is the Pennsylvania extension of this parkland.

The northwest corner of the state has a most extensive area of parks and trails with the other areas of White Clay State Park – Carpenter, Possum Hill, and Judge Morris Property and the New Castle County Park Middle Run. However, if you are not familiar with trail running, the Sunday trail runs are generally on the flattest and most obstacle free areas along the creek.

If you are looking for speed work try the weekly track workouts hosted by Jim Fischer the University of Delaware cross country and track coach. During the spring, summer and fall months you’ll find a host of runners at the outdoor track behind the football stadium on University of Delaware campus near the intersection of route 4 and 896. During the winter months, determined by how much frost is on your
shoulders after the workout, the track workouts move indoors at the U of D field house located only a few tics away.

Newark: Main St.

Time:   Sundays at 8:00AM (7 miles or more at 7:00 – 10:00 minute/mile pace)
Location:   Meet at Panera on Main Street
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Newark:   Trail Runs from White Clay Creek Preserve

Time:   Sundays at 8:00AM
Location:   Meet at parking lot #1 in Landenberg, PA

H20, Rrms
For additional information on trail runs check out the Traildawgs website (http://www.traildawgs.org)

Contact:   John Mackenzie
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