Board Member Responsibilities

Overview of Board Member Responsibilities – many of these are general guidelines

  • To promote the civic interest of the State of Delaware by the education of the people of this State in the physical and mental benefits to be derived from the participation in the sport of running.
  • To stimulate, improve and perpetuate the interest, participation and performance of the people of the State of Delaware in the healthful sport of running.
  • A desire to help the PCVRC achieve it mission by hearing feedback from the membership.
  • To assist other members in achieving their running goals.
  • To tell other persons about the club.
  • To volunteer.

Responsibility of a Board Member / Coordinator
The PCVRC board is responsible for the direction of the PCVRC. They are volunteers trying to make a difference. The responsibilities of a Board Member depends on the function and are as follows.

All Positions – Promote the club and recruit members
– Report to Board as necessary (via President or VP)
– Provide input/updates to Newsletter Coordinator and Facebook Group as appropriate
– Interact and plan with other coordinators to assist each other.
– (optional) Find an assistant to help or to take control of specific duties

President – (official description in Bylaws)
– preside at Board and other club meetings
– oversees planning and administration for the club by organizing and facilitating activities of board members / coordinators / committee chairpersons
– RRCA & USATF liason
– Review and act on (or delegate) correspondence (phone calls, emails, physical mail)

Vice President – (official description in Bylaws)
– discharge the duties of the President in his absence
– special assignments from President
– Oversee Coordinator positions

Secretary – (official description in Bylaws)
– take minutes at all meetings, maintain meeting agendas and minutes
– attend to club correspondence and maintain club records
– coordinate club awards (voting, placement of order, banquet booklet)
– maintain Hall of Fame and Awards area of websitebr

Treasurer – (official description in Bylaws)
– report on the financial condition at the meetings of the Board
– receive all funds and contributions and maintain the club’s bank accounts
– disburse funds, pay expenses, and maintain records of all transactions
– file federal and state tax returns and other reports as requested

Membership Coordinator – Develops programs to respond to inquirers of prospective members, facilitates orientation of new members and works with board members on retention programs for existing members.
– Maintain accurate member list, w/status of dues payment (send quarterly to board members)
– Notify Newsletter Coordinator of new member emails
– Send welcome email (within 7 days of receipt of membership form)
– Update PCVRC Welcome Letter as necessary, and include as email attachment to new members
– Mail welcome package including cover, brochure, contact list
– Send bulk (and individual when necessary) renewal reminder emails/phone calls
– Direct inquiries to appropriate coordinator, club contact list or website for info.

Events Coordinator – Act as social director in planning and organizing regular and special activities
– Maintain records of vendors, including contact info and prices
– Solicit cost estimates and schedule Awards Banquet, Boston Sendoff, Summer BBQ, Holiday party
– Work with other coordinators for specific events

DDC 15K Race Director – plan, manage, promote and coordinate annual DDC race
– works with appropriate city or state agencies in obtaining permits, develops sponsor relationships.
– update board and report administrative and financial results
– solicit and assign assistants from board and lead committee meetings

Public Relations Coordinator – (PR/Publicity/Community) Establish & maintain contact with area publications, blogs, fitness centers, government agencies and other organizations to promote club activities.
– send formal or informal press releases and notifications as needed
– promote sponsorship opportunities with PCVRC/DDC to local businesses in exchange for cash or donated products/services
– provide sponsors/advertisers information on what we can offer such as website ads, newsletter ads, t-shirt logos
– liaison with fitness centers (such as HAC, gyms)

Newsletter Editor – Send email newsletter (eBulletin) approximately weekly to all members
– Collect/solicit content for newsletter, including upcoming events and recaps
– Include input from coordinators
– Include new member welcome (introductions)
– Include advertising as agreed to by board

Social Networking / Facebook Administrator – Minimum of one post weekly and comment on existing posts as appropriate.
– Stimulate discussion, request event recaps, promote upcoming events
– promote club membership, congratulations, welcomes, etc
– administer other potential sites such as

USATF Team Coordinator – (road & trail series)
– recruit members to club team and assist with their USATF membership
– provide race dates and information, arrange carpools
– confirm that a complete team will participate
– maintain record of what members ran what races to determine potential free / reduced membership fee for the following year.
– solicit race recaps for eBulletin and post info on FB page

Training Coordinator – assist new runners with basic training plans and answer questions
Coordinate potential training events (speed, hills, etc) in conjunction with group runs
Consult or direct runners to professionals for advanced advice (such as personal trainers, track coaches, physical therapists)

Charity & Walking Coordinator – Liaison with club partners (B+, MCLF, etc) with minimum monthly contact to determine ways to promote each other.
– determine and plan specific events where both groups will take part
– recruit & maintain contact with walkers + promote group walks

Volunteer Coordinator – Solicit members to assist at specific events such as Delaware Marathon, DDC, other club events
– provide instructions & updates to volunteers via email and phone

Webmaster – Maintain website, email addresses, hosting account and domain registration.
– Post eBulletins to online News page and ensure that events are posted well in advance
– Add/revise photos and text as appropriate
– Add/revise sponsor and advertiser links as appropriate
– Update DDC information upon receipt from race director (info, photos, results, etc)
– Assist and train others in posting events, awards & hall of fame content